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123. Crowded House - Woodface

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On this work,  the original  album  cover art  design is at centre  with the lights  shining through the

holes and the band's name removed.  The right half was then flipped and  pasted at left and the left
half was flipped  and pasted at right.  These were darkened to give a hint  that the image at centre
is up front.  The pasted images  where then  pushed at bit off centre  and their doubles were pasted
over so that  part of  the image  behind them show  through  which  creates an illusion of  thickness.
The whole image  was then processed  in Craquelure  and Crosshatch  and converted to monochrome
and tinted to make it look like it has been made of very old wood.

Here's the original album cover art design.

No. 80, The Virgin All-Time Album Top 1000.

Cover painting by Nick Seymour, letter construction by Timothy Eames, design by Stephen Walker,
art direction by Nick Seymour  & Tommy Steele.  Album produced by Mitchell Fromm & Neil Finn.
Capitol 1991. 

New Zealand’s Crowded House made one of the best, and most enduring, pop/rock albums of the
1990s.  Released in the  latter part of 1991,  Woodface is a  masterpiece of emotive songwriting,
evocative  singing  and exceptional  playing.  Singer/songwriter  Neil Finn had  moved way out in
front of 1986’s  “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” the biggest hit Crowded House  ever landed in America.

It had an  awkward  gestation.  The album,  the trio’s third,  was close  to being  mastered when
Capitol  Records  president  Hale  Milgrim  told Finn  and his  bandmates,  and  Crowded House’s 
producer  Mitchell Froom,  that it simply  wasn’t good  enough to put out.  He suggested  they go
back into the studio.

At the same time,  Finn and his  older  brother Tim  (both of them  had been  cornerstones of the
Kiwi new  wave group  Split Enz)  were  writing  together  for a side  project.  Neil asked  Tim if 
Crowded House  could have these new  songs for the revised Woodface;  Tim agreed  but insisted
he become a full-fledged member of the band.

“The lines  between  what was going to be a  Finn Brothers  record and a  Crowded House  record
became very blurred,” Neil Finn told me in 1993. “And in the end we decided it was better to try
and make one good album than try and split yourself between two, and not do justice to either.”

That’s how  “Weather  With You,”  “It’s Only  Natural,”  “Four Seasons in One Day,”  “There Goes
God,”  “How Will  You Go”  and  three  others  came to be  on what  should  have been  Crowded 
House’s breakthrough  album – featuring stellar,  Everly-esque brotherly harmonies  from Neil and
Tim, Woodface  is absolutely brimming with first-class, catchy songs, with gorgeous melodies and
that unmistakable Finn melancholy. Bill DeYoung for Something Else Reviews

(A) Chocolate Cake - It's Only Natural - Fall at Your Feet - Tall Trees - Weather With You - Whispers and Moans - Four Seasons in One Day

(B) There Goes God - Fame Is - All I Ask - As Sure as I Am - Italian Plastic - She Goes On - How Will You Go

"Weather With You" live from markk70 on YouTube.

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