Monday, October 24, 2016

122. Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys

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The original album cover art shows Jimi Hendrix  performing at Fillmore East under multi-colored lights.  It is reproduced here three times in different sizes.
Band of Gypsyswhich were Hendrix without The Jimi Hendrix Experience,  his original group, but with Billy Cox on bass and Buddy Miles on drums, recorded
the album live at Fillmore East on January 1, 1970. Band of Gypsys was Hendrix's last before he died of accidental drug overdose on September 18, 1970. The
image of Hendrix at left is from a poster I obtained from another source (which I couldn't locate anymore - many thanks to the artist!).  It reminds me of the
tongues of fire that consumed his guitar on stage on the cover of Fire: The Jimi Hendrix Collection, his posthumous album. It is also like the spirit of Hendrix
hovering above his audience as he played on stage.

Jimi Hendrix is ranked as the greatest rock guitarist of all time.

This is the original album cover art design.

No. 529, The Virgin All-Time Album Top 1000.

Photo by Jan Blom, cover design by Victor Khan.
Album produced by Jimi Hendrix (listed as Heaven Research). Capitol 1970. 

Track (Records) used album cover art which proved controversial. It depicted unflattering puppets or dolls that resembled Hendrix,
Brian Jones,  Bob Dylan,  and John Peel  huddled next to a drab,  corrugated  backdrop.  The significance  of posing the three with
Hendrix was not evident as they had no known association with the Band of Gypsys nor the group's material. wikipedia

 The album mixes funk and rhythm and blues elements with hard rock and jamming,  an approach which later became the basis
of funk rock.  "Machine Gun"  is generally  regarded as the album's  highlight and  one of Hendrix's greatest  achievements. The
influence of Band of Gypsys is heard in the funk rock  developments of the 1970s and has been cited as an inspiration by various
later rock musicians.

Writer Rickey Vincent  describes  Band of Gypsys as  "a never-heard-before  amalgam of punishing guitar  riffs over crisp rhythm
and blues grooves. . .  The funk-rock sound would change the face of black music,  setting a template for the spectacular glam-
funk of the 1970s".  Music writer  Corey Washington adds,  "the Band of Gypsys  pioneered a unique  style of funk that placed the
guitar in the mix right along with the bass. . . [they] took funk to the next level because of their rock background." wikipedia

(A) Who Knows - Machine Gun

(B) Changes - Power of Soul - Message to Love - We Gotta Live Together